Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm Not Eating that, It Has Dirt On It!

For me, I guess it all started with Mama Jackie and Big Ace. These two "individuals" are probably... Who am I kidding, they are most likely the reason I am the way I am. They may have their flaws, like my Dad's lows and my Mom's xcentricities, but nevertheless I feel thankful to have had an incredible and unique upbringing by them and by many others.

From then as little Weta, (the name my parents called me by) to now, I realize that not only has my generation disconnected itself from agriculture and other self-sustaining practices, but also in doing so it has overlooked the intrinsic value and joy found in them.

What I am trying to do with this Blog is reconnect the chopped notion that farming, riding your bike, shopping at thrift stores, recycling, and cooking on cast iron is outdated or a fade to be short lived. These practices are ingenious and timeless. Although, I would not dare call these practices "hip" or new, I would argue that these customs are wise and offer a multitude of benefits that empower the human spirt and insure a healthier and happier life. Just as I have embraced my own family's modern heritage, a life that has led me to the neo-traditional lifestyle I lead today, I hope others will conceder investments such as gardening, not because they are fashionable, but instead for the joy to be had in doing them.