Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So, He is going to ride his bike to South America?

My 24th Birthday was last week, September 30th to be exact. A few weeks earlier my sister’s best friend Fumie called me and asked if she could visit when she passes through on her bike trip from Portland to San Francisco.

Well it worked out that on my birthday Fumie and her friend Miles along with three more soloers: Steve from Alaska, Joe from Seattle, and Michael from Olympia showed up in full bicycle regalia at 2:30pm just in time to save the day. I had been preparing for a few days pulling weeds and sweeping up but I was feeling a little stressed about getting everything ready in time for the party.

With five extra hands we really got things rolling. We went shopping for a few odds and ends: beer, cheese, cake ingredients, ice cream and picked up a load of firewood, a mal and hatchet from Aunt Linda’s. Joe picked flowers for an arrangement, Steve fired up the potbelly stove, Michael baked the cake and Fumie, Miles and I cooked beans and rice.

Although the party started at 4pm a healthy number of friends and family didn’t show up until 6pm. Good for us, time to rest. Every bit of the party was a blast.

Having Fumie and her party posse stay at our hose for 3 days and 2 nights was an awesome and inspiring experience. They encouraged me to follow through with my plans of biking Central America, and said I would have a really fun time.

I couldn’t help but feel like a poser around all these seasoned cyclists who were actually doing what I have only been talking about. I realize my plans are ambitious and that I will probably run out of money before I can buy a plane ticket home but, all I can hope to do is take things one day at a time and go with the flow.

Now that I made roughly 3 thousand on the Laura I want to buy the equipment and gear I need to make the trip comfortably. I have already given California Mentor (my employer) notice of my resignation and I am currently looking for someone I can sublet my room to for the 8 months I plan to be gone.

So far things seem to be working out.

On November 5th God willing I plan to Bike solo to Nevada City where I will meet up with Davin Hart. We will continue on from there together on a journey I can only imagine will be unforgettable. We plan to document our tip in high definition with the Cannon T2i Which I have yet to acquire.

Also, God willing I plan on returning to Humboldt State Fall 2011 and finishing my minor in Music and the postproduction work flow for our Documentary film through the Department of Theater Film and Dance.

Wish us luck.

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  1. It sounds so exciting! Glad I met you before you headed out! Can't wait to hear what happens on your cycling adventure!