Saturday, December 11, 2010

Can It Get Any Better?

I have been telling people about this trip for about a year before I even owned a touring bike or a camera. For a while I doubted if I would even be able to pull it off. I feared I would become one of those guys that talk everything up, a boaster that never delivered. I have also wondered how we are going to create a film that is not only watchable but, something I can take pride in. With such a limited crew and budget it can be quite the mental challenge. So far we have been doing just fine.

About a year ago I was in Santa Cruz talking to this guy that knew Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros and he told me that if I didn't make the film I was saying I could do, I would be something along the line of a failure. I thought to myself, "Gee thats kinda harsh." Anyway, I think I may have figured a way to do it, with the help of Julie and Davin and whoever else that's willing of course. It's a work in progress;)

This Girl...

The Postcard - they get around in ways you never could.

Julie's creativity keeps blowing my mind. We just stayed three nights in the Castro District of San Francisco at Jonathan and Nicole Richman's house (for those of you that don't know of him, he is the reoccurring musician in the film Something about Mary). We even got back stage access at one of Jonathan's shows at the Great American Music Hall, we all felt like rockstars. Anyway, Jonathan and Nicole are technophobes, meaning they don't use cell phones, computers, or the internet. They appreciate the finer things of life: live music, art, animals, literature, family, etc. Although we all are tainted with the techo world, little things like postcards preserve a dying art form that Julie is committed to keeping alive.

The Cross-Word-Puzzle - intended just to save words and phrases for fun.

At Jonathan and Nicole's I finished writing Medicine For the Low Life on their piano. I plan to record a video version with Chris Peaslee as soon as we get to Huntington Beach. Say tuned...

Thrift Shopping - A better way of buying stuff you didn't need anyway.

To wrap things up Julie washed and dried my vantage iPod nano. You can imagine how I felt. Davin's mom Cyndra said I should put it in the freezer, so I did. Its a real Christmas miracle, my ipod has been revived!!! Does it get any better?


  1. Oh Ace! Your adventures sound so amazing, and your writing is like old egg cartons to a raccoons tongue (that is a compliment I hope you know, they LOVE trash!), I would just love to be able to see your enlightened self on the adventure. Kim and I went Contra dancing last night with you in mind! Tell your sister that Post Cards are the best art in the world and I send them weekly. Give me a general post location and I would love to write you some! I love and miss you kids, be safe, enjoy and say hi to the revolution gang.

  2. I was debating back and forth about blogging as I head to WWOOF New Zealand, but I look so forward to your posts, you've convinced me I must at least try. And to the above post, I don't know who posted but I kind of think Katie, anyway Contra dancing with you guys is one of my favorite memories of all time =) I miss you all. You're some of the most amazing people I've ever met! Enjoy every second =) *Jessie